Good health is now shows through the hair a person have, as it’s becoming the sign of good health now a day People are facing different problems related to their hair. The major problem faced by people is hair loss which is face by both men and women. Just because of hair loss problem one feels bitter feeling of looking older.

With the availability of modern techniques and technologies in FUE treatment known as hair transplant. Many doctors ignore these major points a patient with hair loss suffer from.

  • Can’t change hair style.

Patient gone through hair transplant treatment are unable to change the hair style which will frustrate the patient in future. With the passage of time needs and wants are changing and people feel of changing the hair style as it shows his personality.

  • Disappointment with own appearance

Person appearance is significantly changes because of the loss of the hairlines. The hair balances the person’s appearance from his forehead to face, resulting in hiding the age of the person.

  • Low confidence level.

When a person face hair loss problem his confidence level decreases rapidly and one can feel confident on when his physical beauty is completed and giving him the desire look he want.

  • Feeling panic in looking attractive to people around

The panic feeling is always refer for the women’s of any age as they are living in the culture were a young look is appreciated and get more attraction from people around. Losing the natural hair is quite disturbing for women which result in mental and physical shyness.

  • Awkwardness/boldness.

Person who faces loss of hair is badly treated by the people with opposite sex. The person facing the issue loses his confidence in standing with people. Mostly women’s face hair loss issue and one facing the issue is treated not well.

  • Feeling jealousy

People having more hair on their head are always get jealous from other facing hair loss problem or people with less hair on their head. People thought that having more hair is showing good health.

  • Negativity in social life

People who work in the field of media mostly suffer from the hair fall. They always try to avoid the parties and social engagements as these activities needs are to be looked well which is not possible for people having thinning hairline. Few of them feel discomfort while meeting friends and colleague they always avoid them and step out from home only when they need to go for work.

The comments from the colleague, friends and family add awkwardness to the one who received these comments as a person is suffering from the hair loss problem. For those people Karachi hair transplant clinic is there and they always choose us because we are well equipped with advance technologies and expert surgeon who render their service and counsel their patient with their expertise to make them feel comfort and choose a right treatment to overcome their problem.

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