The most common problem faced by people and feel hesitation while having this problem with them FUE stands for follicular Unit Extraction. Is a surgery just because of lack of knowledge about FUE people are not well aware about it and ask different question but still it’s a question mark in their mind and now we are here to give you the best knowledge and treatment facility for the solution of the problems related to your hair.

Few questions that received from different people around the globe regarding the particular issue.

What is FUE?

FUE surgical treatments in which doctors are required to remove the hair follicular unit from the defected area of the patient head. The FUE process can be carried out in two different way manually or by the automated method. The process takes about 4-10 hours for completion and for the best result. In this process grafts are to be placed by the doctors and it depends on the patient condition that how much grafts have to be place to overcome the hair problem. The surgery is simple if it’s done by the professional doctor and we are well equipped with machineries and professional doctor s to provide you the best solution and long lasting resolutions.

What are the Pros and cons of surgery of FUE?

As every surgery have the pros and cons. Like other surgeries FUE surgery also have pros and cons. The pros are more than the cons. The pros include patient is less discomfort then the normal surgery, no linear wound and the hair can be use as a scalp for the body and also can be used in beard. The cons of the FUE surgery is that the graft that are to be place on patient are limited in numbers during the surgery and it takes time to complete the whole process that’s why patient have to visit more than a day to complete the process.

Candidates who are ideal for FUE?

The FUE is good for those patients who want short hairstyle. The strip of scalp doesn’t require removing those strips and that’s why it is useful for any patient who wants it to be done. It can be done on those people also who have already done that process previously or have gone through FUT surgery and are scare from their surgery. In this surgery the scar line is concealed by the help of FUE grafts.

What about the Cost?

The cost of FUE are different depending upon the result in the mind of patient and also dependent on the graft used to complete eh surgery for the better result as well as it also depend on the technique used by the doctor for the patient some time anesthesia is required to patient that cost more. If patient want some more facilities during or after surgery. So that packages are different for different patients. We concentrate on medical condition of the patient and want our patient to feel as good as he want.

 How much time it takes to recover a person from FUE?

The recovery from the surgery will take up to 7 days as describe by most of the doctors. But always keep in mind that it can take up to 12 days for proper recovery as the surgery have some effect on the donor areas some time the patient feel swelling on that area and few patient says its itching at that area and they recover completely in 10-12 days. Scab and healed appearance will take time to change and give the donor area the desire look.

How much time the results remain same?

The FUE surgery results are lifetime if the patient follows the instruction given by the doctors. The results also depend on the selection of grafts and the way they are placed. The professional doctor can only facilitate the patient in a way that after the surgery he didn’t have to gone through the process again. The result of transplanted hair comes within 12 month or more to have a genuine look like patient natural hairs and no one can say that the patient has gone through hair transplant surgery.

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