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Every man is sensitive about their hair, because everyone want to look attractive. Hair transplant plays very important role in making-over your look more adorable. But all your expectations destruct, when you suffer from hair-fall. Suffering from hair-fall is very painful and helpless, you can only see your hair losing and feel unable to stop it. Now, the time is not to regret because, now you can have Hair Transplant in Karachi. You can have back your old personality, whether you have lost your hair few months ago or a decade ago, you can have them back. Your number of surgeries will be depending on your hair-loss stage but one thing is sure, that you will have back your hair.

What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant is a surgical process to transfer Hair follicles from the donor site to recipient site. Hair Transplant is widely used by men around the world. Hair can be transplanted through one surgery or it may take multiple surgeries, depends on the state of hair-fall.

What Is Hair Transplant And Who is in Karachi?

Follicular Unit Transplantation is the old-fashioned hair transplant technique which involves extracting a linear strip of hair containing skin, from the back or the side of the head and grafting it on the bald side of head. Later, the strip is cutted up to separate many individual grafts. This type of surgery can give you an artificial look but if it can be performed by an expert, then you can have good results as well.
You can now easily have your lost personality back within few or a single surgery by the experts in Karachi.

Hair transplantation is a surgical process to revive hair by some medicational techniques. This process of transplanting hair is slightly difficult and need to performed by any qualified and experienced surgeon. Hair transplantation is common now but sometimes it may cause side effects.

Hair Transplantation Should Be Conducted Carefully As hair transplantation is a very difficult job to carry out, it should be performed under the suitable conditions, requirements and guidance of experts. Because sometimes it may cause some errors which can destroy the image of required result. Hair transplanting is more risky and important for the patient than the surgeon, because the patient or client is putting his/her identification on edge.

Your identification is directly proportional to you Physical appearance, if your surgeon missed any important step to perform during surgery, then it can cause many terrible conditions. It is not like that every time your surgeon can make a mistake, genetical problems can also occur occasionally.

Shock Loss

Shock loss is specific term used for Hair thinning, a temporary side effect of hair plantation which can thin your hair at very extent but the good news is, this side effect is temporary. There could be another side effect of hair transplantation, that is Bald patches. This side effect can take place often and it is very common. In this, you will have a massive hair-loss of about 50 – 100 hair per each day. In few patients of hair transplant, post-operative hiccups have also been noticed.

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that transfer hair follicles from the donor site to a recipient site. Donor site is the part of a body, where from the surgeon will pick up the hair follicles, while the recipient site is the part of a body, where the surgeon will graft the hair follicles. It is widely use for treating male pattern baldness. In this less aggressive process of transplanting hair follicles, grafts of hair follicles from the back of the head which are genetically resistant to balding, are transferred to the bald area of body. Hair transplantation can be used also to restore beard hair, chest hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. Hair transplantation is not like skin grafting, in skin grafting, the grafts bear almost all the epidermis and dermis near the hair follicle, and many small grafts are transplanted instead of a whole single strip of skin.

Hair naturally grows in groups of 1 to 4 hair called follicular units. Advanced surgical methods harvest and graft hair follicular units according to their natural groupings. Thus, the Advanced surgical technology can create a genuine look or appearance by following the path of natural hair orientations.
There are two types of Hair transplantations, one is FUT, Follicular Units Transplant. In this type of hair transplant, the groups of hair follicular units are transferred with some surrounding skin to any bald area on the body and grafted by cutting them into tiny individual follicular units while in the second type of Hair transplantation, the surgeon puncture the recipient site with predetermined patterns to plant hair follicular units, and harvest the follicular units only.


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